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“Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a radical approach to the production and supply of food that builds strong, close and mutually beneficial partnerships between communities and producers. Though still a niche element of the local food sector and representing a tiny part of the food system as a whole, CSA offers a powerful approach to reconnecting people and agriculture.”


— "The Impact of Community Supported Agriculture"- Soils Association

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial agreement between customers and a local farm. Customers pre-pay for a share of the farm’s produce and become shareholders in the farm. The grower agrees to deliver a wide selection of high quality produce weekly as it comes into season and provides a weekly newsletter to customers with farm updates, recipes, and photos. Customers get to invest their money directly in local food production, receive the best selection and prices, and develop an intimate connection with the growers, the seasons, the food, and the land that produces it. Growers get an upfront and guaranteed financial commitment, which facilitates early season planning and purchases, and develop long-term relationships with their customers. The CSA model has proven versatile and essential to the viability of small-scale, local agriculture.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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