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How to Pick-up & Unfold Your CSA Box

  • At all pick-up locations (except home delivery) please bring your own bag and unpack the contents of the your share, leaving the box behind for immediate reuse the following week.

  • Unfold and stack your box neatly when done. See video below for how to unfold your box (courtesy of Angelic Organics in Illinois). Watch it even if you think you know how to unfold the box! If you unfold your box incorrectly by simply pulling at tabs rather than pressing them in at folds, you will rip the tabs and possibly ruin the box for further use (or cause the next person to have their vegetables fall out the bottom of the box!). Each box costs as much as $1.50 - 2.00 a piece! With proper care they can last for years! 

  • Boxes should stay at the pick-up site. If they happen to leave, bring them back!

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