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Frequently Asked Quesitons (FAQ)


Can I put my standard share on hold?


You may, but since you have already paid for it, I would suggest having a friend or family member pick-up your share. You can also elect to put your share on hold and donate it. Donated shares will be given to the farm crew and/or the food pantry. 


If I have a standard share, how do I order extras and when do I need to pay for them?


You will order extra items beyond your regular standard share using the same account that custom share members use to place their weekly orders. Depending on availability and to make sure all shareholders get fair access to the farm's produce, you may have a more limited selection when chosing extras than custom share members will have, since you are already receiving a certain set of items in your standard share. See [this link] to find out how to log-in to your account at if you are unsure how. You do not need to pay for your extras at the time of pick-up. In fact, I prefer not to take payment during the season since its more confusing to track when receiving various small payments in person, especially of cash. You will be billed for any extras after the conclusion of the season.



Click here for full explanation of how to place a custom order.


If I have a custom share, do I have to order every week? Can I put my account on hold?


No, you don't have to order every week. Custom shareholders are allowed as many holds per season as they want. You can place a hold by logging into your account at, where you place your weekly orders. Holds can and should be placed as far in advance as you know when you won't be ordering. Holds should be placed by the order cut-off time for that week at the latest (Tuesday midnight). If no hold is placed by that time, no other effort is made to contact the farmer, and no order is placed, you will be unable to order or receive a share that week. If you are worried you might forget to place an order and not receive any vegetables that week, you can choose to receive a standard share in place of a custom order when you are completing the sign-up process.


What if I spend all of my custom share payment before the end of the season?


No problem! You can continue to place orders even if your balance goes negative. At the end of the season, you will be billed for whatever you spent beyond your initial payment.You can also add more money to your account at anytime by sending a check to the farm. Full payment for any negative balance at the end of the CSA season is due before Dec. 31.


What if I have money leftover in my account at the end of the season?


The initial payment that you made for your custom share must be spent during that season, there will be no refunds or rollovers into future seasons. This policy is in keeping with the spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, which calls for members to commit a certain amount of money to the farm at the beginning of the season which is considered spent as soon as payment is made. If you have extra money in your account coming to the end of the season, you will have the opportunity to make bulk orders of storage crops that you can use after the CSA season is over.


Why do I have to order a minimum amount when I place a custom order?


The $10 minimum order is in place to make packing your share worth the time for us to pack at the farm and to make sure that you are partaking fully in the CSA share. If you find that this $10 minimum amount is too much for you to reach, then you might be better off shopping at the farmers market or asking a friend or family member to join in your membership and help fill out your orders.


Why are some items labeled "standard share only" in the weekly newsletter and custom shareholders can't order them?


This is one of the perks of being a standard share member! Items are made available only in the standard share when they are in limited quantity, which may happen at the beginning or end of a crop's harvest season, or due to lower than expected yield. Typically everything available to the standard share is also available for custom share members to order.




Instructions for Late Pick-up

  1. Go to the farm (3633 Hwy 146, 2/3 mile north of Grinnell on right side, 2nd farmstead) and make your way towards the blue barn when you pull in the driveway. Head past the "Middle Way Farm" sign. You'll see the red metal building on your left with a large garage door and concrete pad facing the greenhouse and propane tanks.

  2. Enter the loading dock through the door to the left of the large overhead doors. There is a light switch to your left when you enter the door. Please make sure to only turn on lights to the loading dock itself, and not the outdoor lights. 

  3. Turn to your right once you enter, and walk all the way to the other side of the room. There is a short hallway at the other end with two doors. The cold cooler is the left door. 

  4. The light switch for the cooler is immediately around the corner from the door, above the stainless steel sink. Its the LEFT switch of the double switch. The RIGHT switch is for the lights in the other "cooler" (which is not currently being used as a cooler). The single switch turns electrical power on and off to outlets in the coolers. Do not toggle the other two switches. 

  5. Your share will be immediately inside the cooler door. Standard shares will be unlabeled and separate. Custom shares will be individually labeled and separate.  Please make sure you are picking up the right share. There will be a clipboard for you to check off that you picked up. Please keep cooler door closed while you unpack your share. 

  6. Leave the empty box in the cooler after unpacking your share. 

  7. When leaving, shut the cooler door tightly and turn off cooler lights. Turn off loading dock lights and shut loading dock door tightly behind you. Make sure outside light is not on.


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