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  • Is there any cider for sale?

No, we don't sell cider. This is a free community event, not a sales opportunity. We want people to come and enjoy use of the cider press and tasting the cider without needing to consider money at all. Its a day off capitalism.  

  • Do I need to bring my own apples?

No you don't! Just come to experience apple pressing and taste some cider. If you want to bring cider home with you, bring your own apples

  • Do I need to have my own apple tree to pick from?

No, but there are many apples trees around that do not get picked but you can ask permission to pick.

  •  Is there a minimum amount of apples to bring?

No, not necessarily, but 15-20 pounds is a good amount to shoot for so you can get at least a gallon of cider. 

  • Should I bring my own containers?

Yes, bring your own containers as the number of extra containers will be very limited. Remember, 15-20 pounds makes a gallon, so remember to bring the equivalent volume of containers for the amount of apples you are bringing. You can use washed out plastic drink containers (with caps), glass jugs, glass quart jars or larger, etc.  

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