CSA Shares are available for the 2019 season! 
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Standard Share - Farmer's Choice

The full share (every week) is the classic CSA share - a diverse weekly box of vegetables chosen by the farmer based on what is in season. No ordering needed: let the farm stock your produce drawer. Learn to use new vegetables and eat seasonally. A great way to increase your vegetable consumption and push your tastes and cooking in new directions  The full share is designed for a family of two adults and one to two children that might eat out several times a week or two adults that cook at home often. Members willing to cook in bulk and preserve some of the harvest (extra freezer space helps!) benefit most from the full share. The full share will contain 8-12 items, depending on the season, with an approximate weekly value of $27.50 ($495 divided by 18 boxes). Jun 5 - Oct 16 (18 weekly shares - no shares first week of July OR last week of August )


The half share (every other week) is the same as the full share, but picked up every 2 weeks rather than every week. Its meant for individuals or couples that would find an every week share too substantial, or for larger families that don't want as many vegetables or cook at home often or supplement their produce with their own gardens. Shares are delivered every other week starting with the SECOND summer share. When choosing your share, consider your weekly grocery bill for produce to figure out which will be the best share for you. Our prices are similar to what you would pay for organic produce at a grocery store, and sometimes cheaper. Jun 12 - Oct 16 (9 every other week shares). 


The fall joiner full share (every week) allows you to join the full share for just the fall portion of the season (7 weekly shares, September 4 - October 16). Designed for those who are frequently away during summer months or for faculty, staff, and students returning to school or starting work/school for the fall semester.  


Full Share - Every Week ($495.00) 

Half Share - Every Other Week ($290.00) 

Fall Joiner Share - Every Week ($225.00) 


Custom Share - Choose Your Vegetables

The "one size fits all" vegetable share


You get complete control to order what you want and how much you want. 

  • Choose a la carte what goes in your share each week (minimum $10 per order) and your weekly orders are automatically debited from your initial credit(which is your payment less the membership fee). 

  • Weekly ordering available throughout CSA season - Jun 5 - Oct 16 (18 weeks - no CSA ordering first week of July OR last week of August)

  • Produce is priced at farmers market rate or slightly below. Similar price to grocery store organic produce, but fresher. Discounts for bulk orders.

  • If deposit is exceeded, member will be billed at end of season. Initial deposit must be spent by the end of the season. There is no roll-over of credit. 

  • You can order any week you want, take off as many weeks as you want. 

  • Orders are placed by logging into your online account at middlewayfarm.csasignup.com after receiving the weekly CSA e-newsletter over the weekend. Orders close on Tuesday night prior to Wednesday/Thursday delivery. 

  • Produce is distributed in individual labeled wax produce boxes that members unpack at their pick-up site. 

  • You can also view your balance and past orders by logging into your online account at middlewayfarm.csasignup.com

  • Occasionally produce in short supply will be offered in standard shares but not for custom order, but custom shareholders typically have access to the same produce as standard shareholders.


*The fall joiner custom share allows you to custom share for just the late summer and fall portion of the season (7 weeks, September 4 - October 16). Designed for those who are frequently away during summer months or for faculty, staff, and students returning to school or starting work/school for the fall semester.*


Why is there a membership fee? 

The membership fee helps to cover the cost of the specialized software needed to handle custom share orders and also pays for the increased time and energy needed to put together custom orders (rather than standard shares). This is a very unique service for a CSA farm and my goal at Middle Way Farm is to make sure our custom share is not only working for you as the customer, but is financially sustainable for me as the farmer! 


   Custom Share ($200 credit) ($240.00) 

   Fall Joiner Custom Share ($80 credit) ($100.00) 


Partner Share Fund (Local Food Connection)



Partner Share Contributions will go to Local Food Connection (LFC), a local non-profit that provides people with no-cost CSA shares while still paying the farm. Here is what I wrote about LFC when I nominated them for funding from the 100+ People Who Care group in spring of 2017:

Local Food Connection is the most equitable model I've seen for connecting local farmers with low-income families. By working with Local Food Connection in 2017, I was able to receive fair price for making weekly deliveries of first quality produce to the MICA food pantry and Station Clubhouse. This arrangement allows me to live up to my ideal of providing food access to everyone regardless of income while also helping me earn a livelihood as a small farm business. It also allows me to make meaningful connections with these anti-poverty service organizations and the people they serve, and being a small farm business is all about building community relationships and social capital beyond just sales. Instead of asking farmers for donations, Local Food Connection understands the economic restraints we live under and says "we value your food and the work you put into it". In this way, Local Food Connection combines social justice for people in poverty and economic justice for small-scale farmers in a way that few non-profits have.


While self-administering a partner share program since 2015, Middle Way Farm has averaged 2 partner shares and over $600 in partner share contributions per year. This year, all contributions will be directed to Local Food Connection, who will coordinate the logistics of finding clients and paying for CSA shares. My goal this year is $1000 dollars to fully pay for two CSA shares! 


$100 contribution ($100.00) 

$50 contribution ($50.00) 

$25 contribution ($25.00) 

$10 contribution ($10.00)


CSA Shares are available for the 2019 season! 
Click here to sign-up now. 


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